About Rae

“The process of creating art is complete joy, just as the focus of creating is to artistically discover beauty. “-R.Oney

Rae Oney

Born and raised in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula of Virginia, Rae Oney completed her BA (James Madison University) in Fine Art with Interior Design and Art Education in 1998.

After several years serving clients in the interior design world, Rae went back to her family roots and taught art at two public middle schools.  After starting a family in 2005, she joined her father’s insurance and financial practice. After thirteen years of retirement and benefit planning in the corporate insurance world, Rae returned to what she loved best – art education and painting.  The rigid guidelines and inability to express her creativity in the world of numbers had been gnawing at her, and ultimately the desire to get back to the creative process won.

Though Rae began painting at an early age she rediscovered her joy for painting when she returned to the classroom in 2014 to teach art. The piece that had always been missing during her years in the corporate world came flooding back as she began to relay her love of creating art to her middle school students. The complete joy of the process has always been her driving motivation both in the classroom and in her studio.  Her jubilant process of layering vibrant color and texture to produce art has been evolving ever since. With new mediums such as resin and acrylic inks she nods to subjects such as oceans, land and sky. Her inspiration is pulled from her personal experiences, nature and most importantly, the process of creating, as the subject matter isn’t always the focus. Ultimately, she sees each work as a joyful creative journey to create beauty, not necessarily perfection or replication. Her background in Interior Design has her primarily focused on works for home and office as a way that Rae says to “define your space” with what you love.

Rae is happily married and lives in Lanexa, VA with her husband Eric and her daughter Lucy and their much-loved German Shorthaired Pointer, Cookie.

Rae Oney

Instagram: @raeoneyart